Our outdoor workouts are carefully crafted to tread as lightly as possible, respecting nature and other woodland users. Short runs (option to walk) are woven between aerobic/hiit style routines to limit impact on single sites. Our clothing is sourced as sustainably as possible. and we are constantly working to source everything in an increasingly sustainable way. An Earth First! perspective is at the core of the Jungle Runners ethos, as is the desire to promote human connection, love and unity. We are guests her. We are grateful. We come in peace.


Our classes are carefully designed to be achievable & challenging across a wide range of fitness levels & abilities. Silent Disco Fitness is fun, friendly & about freedom of the soul & connection to nature & others. Whatever your level of fitness, its a chance to get really fit, have fun & shine.


Are you a runner? Yogi? Looking to build strength and core stability? We don't do a huge amount of running in class, more intervals as part of a wider workout. But we do loads of strength/body work to support runners in injury prevention & generally. The perfect cross training day. Also a great stand alone workout at any level.

Silent Disco Fitness 
Uplifting, fun workouts to Jungle/ Drum and Bass in ancient woodland. Using the latest silent disco fitness kit.


DnB dance is woven between Hiit, short, achievable runs (option to walk), games & more. Take the class at your own pace, option to have challenging extension built in.


Inclusive, friendly, fun, encouraging mixed ability class, in a non-competitive environment. No mirrors or pbs, only friendship, sunbeams through the canopy, & birds flying overhead.

Who said fitness couldn't be effective AND joyful?

Group & event Bookings 


Book Silent Disco Fitness for your group, festival, team, wellness event, or retreat.


From Wild & Well, to Larmer Tree, Flovibes, Love Trails, Women's Groups, park run warm ups, Tileyard Health & more.


Jungle Runners has collaborated with a wide range of and fun freaky folks from across the fitness and wellbeing landscape.. Email to book: info@londonjunglerunners.com

Why not book us for your event? 

Louise Roberts - Wild and Well Festival
Personal training

Stacey holds advanced specialisms in outdoor training, & exercise referral. She is qualified to work with clients with a range of chronic illnesses and health complications. Alongside regular personal training programmes. 

Whether your goals relate to weight loss, making lifestyle changes, health, fitness, building muscle, or a specific target such as training towards an event or special day. We're here to help. Sessions are delivered in person, in nature, & online. & follow a very holistic approach which will support you to make lasting habit changes. Feel free to get in touch for more information. 


Hi I'm Stace, Im an outdoor fitness instructor & music maker. Ive been teaching outdoor fitness for a number of years, & worked in the same woods as a forest school leader prior to starting Jungle Runners. I love nature, trail running & wild play, & hold advanced specialisms in outdoor training, & exercise referral; alongside being a personal trainer & group x instructor. I truly love helping people to shine & reach their fitness goals. And Im super grateful to have the opportunity to work with such incredible people. Thank you all so much! Huge LOVE LOVE LOVE Sx 

Online Classes 

Personal training is available 1 on 1, or in groups via zoom and /or blended with in person, in nature sessions to suite your busy lifestyle.


We are also offering tailored early morning group zoom session, available live or on demand. These integrate meditation, affirmations, and a great physical workout to start the day. This class is music free, and is about tuning into your body and balancing the mind.