Ear bud plug in headphones .png
Over Ear Plug in headphones.png
You will need:
- Your own Aux/mini jack style plug in headphones as shown in the picture. Any style will do, as long as they have a mini-jack/aux input as shown. Some bluetooth models can have an aux cable plugged into them if you have a cable. You MUST bring your own headphones please. Bluetooth won’t work unless you have an aux adaptor. i - phone won’t either. Sorry folks! Must be AUX style. There will be a few spare pairs just incase, but most people use their own. We get a bit sweaty and it's more Covid safe. 
Clothes that you can run and bounce around in like leggings/ jogging bottoms/shorts/running tights, a few layers etc depending on season. In deep winter hats, snoods, gloves, layers, waterproof/wicking layers, etc. 
- Trainers that you are happy fast walking or running around 1KM in.
- Your own bottle of water.
- Something to carry your valuables. e.g front fastening, smaller rucksack, bumbag, running vest or belt, ultra pack or just the right pockets.  Bear in mind, there are no lockers, whatever you bring, you or a friend/ instructor will need to be able to run with.
You will be given:
A clip on belt receiver to clip onto your clothing, and to plug your headphones into: The playlist, along with instructors voice, will then be broadcast directly to your receiver. These are sanitised between handling, and classes are currently socially distanced with small group sizes. 
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You wont need to bring headphones for restorative, or one 2 one personal training sessions - silent disco only.